The following generous comments have been made by readers who have commented on Georgiana Molloy: the mind that shines on the GoodReads website.  It is always lovely to get such positive feedback from readers I have never met.

“This was a long read because there’s a lot of information on every page. The author really makes the characters of the subjects come alive.”

“I’m in awe of the author’s dedication to her subject and her wonderfully engaging writing style.”

“Destined for non-fiction and biography shortlists, Georgiana Molloy, the Mind that Shines rivals Journey to Horseshoe Bend as the best non-fiction book I’ve read so far this year.”

“… in a twelve-year labour of love, Bernice Barry has given Georgiana Molloy a whole book of her own, and this biography is sheer delight to read.”

You can read the GoodReads website reviews HERE