10th May 1839 and 10th May 2012

It’s a significant date for me, this one. On this day in 1839, Georgiana Molloy arrived at her new home by the Vasse River for the first time, travelling on a donkey with her plants from Augusta wrapped in wet moss in a basket on her lap. She thought the terrain looked flat and was disappointed that she couldn’t see the setting sun for the trees but was about to discover that she had moved into another region of incredible biodiversity. The plants in that area became significant to her next collections. You never know what’s ahead…

It’s also the day in 2012 when I clicked ‘SAVE’ and completed the very first draft of the manuscript for ‘Georgiana Molloy: the mind that shines’.  Friends came round for dinner and we celebrated with Champagne. There were twelve more drafts ahead of me that night!  A lot more work… But the most eventful years were still to come and the pleasure in finding exciting new ways to share the research is still going on today. Still so very thankful for the kindness, support and encouragement that have come from many directions – but most of all from readers. That’s why writers write.