A new beginning

I’ve been writing posts on my ‘Georgiana Molloy 1805-1843’ Facebook page since November 2013 but this is the very first new blog on the full website.  The site went live today, together with one enormous posting of all the archives and photographs from Facebook, to make sure that any new viewers don’t miss out on what’s gone before.

So… the best place to begin is an update of news.

It was a wonderful surprise to see William Yeoman’s review of the book in the West Australian (the Weekend West) on Saturday and I was left lost for words, for most of the day. We have another new stockist in Perth: the bookshop of the WA State Library. We’re going to a second print of the book, ten weeks after it first appeared in shops, not something I’d ever imagined might happen so quickly.  And thank you again to ‘Aspects of King’s Park’ for choosing the book as their ‘Book of the Month’ for May.

It’s been a whirlwind ride since the day we first decided to self-publish and I’ve been learning  new things each day but the most significant is that authors and readers benefit hugely from good bookshops that know their customers and are genuinely interested in the volumes on their shelves.

So far, I only have one problem. Spending more time than usual  in bookshops leads to buying even more books.