LIGHT AND SHADOWS: the bright lights and the dark places of writing

A quick update on what’s ‘s been keeping me so busy for the last few months. I haven’t added a blog post on here since October but I have been keeping up to date on my two Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter so I haven’t been slacking! What have I been up to? I’m still […]

Thoughts on the season’s turning

Every now and then I post one of the texts I’ve transcribed as part of my continuing research into the life and work of Georgiana Molloy. Some of the things on my mind lately have been the connections between us all – Georgiana and me and you – that transcend time and place. A conversation […]

Living history

Each time I visit Fairlawn, the home where Georgiana Molloy spent the last few years of her short life, I’m drawn to the garden, for obvious reasons. One tree in particular, a Black mulberry, always pulls me to gaze up at the sky through its lichen-laced branches or to touch its gnarly trunk. Although the […]

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